If SourceForge gets its act together and gives me a CVS repository, you might see something here.

How about a link to the project's page on SourceForge?

Update (1/14/01: SCVS 0.3 is ready. I removed ANOTHER strlen("CVSROOT") and changed it to strlen(CVSROOTADM). Boneheads.

Update (1/12/01): There's been another setback in the project.

I would like to yet you know that version 0.2 is sitting around, I just don't have an appropriate host for it. Here's a list of changes or philiopshy or something...

The MAJOR problem in CVS 1.10.8+ (fixed in SCVS 0.1):

the readers and writers files in the CVSROOT aren't treated special like the passwd file is. any bonehead developer with write access can checkout the CVSROOT/writers file, add in a line for 'anonymous' and check it back in. then they remove the 'anonymous' user from the readers file following a similiar process, and WHAM, all of a sudden mr anonymous can hax0r your code. totally weak.

people are trusted not to do this in the open source free software world... but because of developers being able to create access for other outsiders, this seems unacceptable for corprate development.


Another serious issue. Why are anonymous users (or any user for that matter) able to access the files in CVSROOT? (fixed in SCVS 0.2)

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